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General Description / Special Programs

The department offers the BA, MA and PhD degrees within a four-field program (archaeology, cultural, linguistic, and biological/biocultural anthropology) focusing on comparative diasporas, health inequalities and social justice. Special opportunities include the South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology (SCIAA), Museum Studies, Public Health, GIS skills (in Geography), and programs in Linguistics, Latin American, African American and Women's and Gender Studies. Four-field teaching is emphasized. The department has a certificate in Historical Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management.

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Degrees Offered Anthropology PhD, MA, BA major
Highest Degree Offered PhD
Certificate Info The Department of Anthropology offers the Certificate in Historical Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management for students wishing to supplement their degree work in other historically oriented programs. The certificate is oriented toward professional practice and provides archaeologically based cultural resource management skills for preservation-related employment. The certificate requires 18 semester hours (two required core seminars and four approved elective courses). Twelve semester hours must come from courses in the Department of Anthropology. The program of study should include a mix of courses in method and theory of historical archaeology and cultural resource management and their practical application. Certificates in other departments: Certificate in Women's and Gender Studies Certificate in Museum Management Etc.
Certificate Field Areas
AA/AS Field Areas
Linguistic Anthropology
BA/BS Field Areas
BA/BS Requirements
(120 - 126 hours) 1) General Education (University Core) Requirements (53-62 hours) 2) Major Requirements (27 hours): General BA - Introductory courses in cultural anthropology and arch/biological anthropology; topical course in archaeology, biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and cultural anthropology; a 500-level anthropology course; four anthropology elective courses above the 100-level (excluding senior thesis) 3) BA with Distinction (33 hours): Same as for General BA with the inclusion of a 2nd 500-level anthropology course; Field school, Laboratory, practicum, qualitative methodology or quantitative methodology course; ANTH 201 Inquiry or additional (3rd) 500-level course chosen in consultation with advisor; ANTH 498 Thesis; two anthropology elective courses above the 100-level. 4) Cognate (12 hours), Minor (18 hours), Medical Anthropology Minor (18 hours): five required courses and one anthropology elective above the 100-level. (The Medical Anthropology Minor is not open to Anthropology Majors.)
MA/MS Field Areas
Experience Offered
Field Work
MA/ MS Requirements Minimum of 27 hours of coursework plus 6 hours of master's thesis credit, comprehensive exam, supervised fieldwork
PhD Field Areas
Phd Requirements A degree in anthropology or a related field is an admissions requirement. Minimum of 30 hours of graduate work beyond the MA, including 12 hours of dissertation credits, a written and oral qualifying exam, written and oral comprehensive exam, two research skills (e.g., foreign language, GIS), prospectus, fieldwork, dissertation.
Internship / Grants / Funding
Internships Available 1
Internship Required 0
Internship Info <p>This is a supervised internship or experiential learning experience relevant to anthropology.&nbsp;Internships enable&nbsp;anthropology students, who often engage in anthropological pursuits outside of the classroom in the form of volunteer work ethnographic, laboratory, excavation, forensic, and field experiences, to formalize these out-of-classroom experiences into transferrable experiential learning hours and earn credit toward their undergraduate degree. Internships&nbsp;help students gain anthropological work experience outside of the classroom and assist them with learning new skills which can include but is not limited to excavation, artifact analysis and curation, data gathering including audio-visual and other ethnographic approaches, community engagement/leadership, and forensic analysis.</p>
Grants Or Funding Undergraduates: Magellan Scholar Award - Undergraduate Research; Ceny Undergraduate Fellowship. Graduate Students: Fellowships and Awards for Prospective and Current Students: PhD Students: SPARC Graduate Research Grant Presidential Fellowship Bilinski Fellowship
Support Opportunities <p>Teaching Assistantships, Graduate School Fellowships, SCIAA Research assistantships.</p>
Program Details
Research Facilities <p>The department has lab facilities for teaching and research in biological anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, ethnography, and visual anthropology. SCIAA (South Carolina Institute for Archaeology and Anthropology) has extensive collections of southeastern archaeological, and some ethnological, materials.</p>
Certs Offered 1
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Online Courses
Online Courses: 0
Application Deadlines
Graduate Applications due January 1
Club / Honor Society
Anthropology Club: 1
Anthropology Club Info: Anthropology Student Association,; Anthropology Graduate Organization for Research, Action and Ethics (AGORAE),
Lambda Alpha Chapter: 0