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General Description / Special Programs

Bachelor of Science Degree in Anthropology: The BS degree prepares students for work in anthropology professions, related careers, and graduate programs. The program offers training in all four fields of anthropology and valuable lab, field, and internship experiences.

Minor in Anthropology: The Minor in Anthropology prepares students for work in professions and fields that require an understanding of the effects of culture on human behavior. This is becoming increasingly useful as the cultural diversity of our society and workplaces and the international focus of businesses and research have created a demand for professionals with anthropological training. The Minor in Anthropology consists of 15 credit hours of coursework.

Certificate in Geographic Information Science (GIS): The Geographic Information Science (GIS) certificate program is designed to provide a practical set of GIS marketable skills to traditional students who wish to access the GIS market. Students from different majors can include the GIS certificate courses into their degree program. Non-conventional students and professionals can improve and update their GIS knowledge and then enhance their GIS career. The Certificate in Geographic Information Science consists of 15 credit hours of coursework.

Certificate in Land Surveying: The Land Surveying Certificate program is designed to prepare surveyors with the basic education necessary to take the Fundamentals of Land Surveying Exam and meets the State of Georgia academic registration requirements to become a Professional Land Surveyor.  The Land Surveying Certificate consists of 18 credit hours of coursework.

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Tuition Info
Degrees Offered Anthropology BS major
Highest Degree Offered BA/BS
Certificate Info Geographic Information Sciences Certificate Land Surveyng Certificate - Stand-Alone and Embedded
Certificate Field Areas
BA/BS Field Areas
Biological Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Linguistic Anthropology
BA/BS Requirements
General Education (45 credit hours); Lower Division Major Requirements (18 credit hours including Foreign Language 1002-level or higher; Free Electives (12 credit hours); Upper Division Major Requirements (21 credit hours including Research Methods and Anthropological Theory); Upper Division Electives (18 credit hours); Related Studies (9 credit hours); Program Total = 120 credit hours.
Experience Offered
Internship / Grants / Funding
Internships Available 1
Internship Required 1
Internship Info <p>150 hour Internship or Practicum required.</p>
Program Details
Research Facilities <p>Anthropology Lab</p> <p>Forensic Anthropology Lab</p> <p>Dendrochronology Lab</p> <p>GSS Lab</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Certs Offered 1
American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Online Courses
Online Courses: 1
Online Course Info: <p>ANTH 1102 - Introduction to Anthropology ANTH 3300 - Anthropological Theory ANTH 3307 - Cultural Anthropology ANTH 3310 &ndash; Cultural Diversity in the U.S. ANTH 3350 - Cultures and Societies of the World</p>
Application Deadlines
Club / Honor Society
Anthropology Club: 1
Anthropology Club Info:
Anthropology Club Advisor: Dr. Terry Powis
Lambda Alpha Chapter: 1