General Description / Special Programs
Special major/minor concentrations offered in Global Health, and Archaeology and Heritage Management; major/minor foci offered in Social Action.
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Highest Degree Offered BA/BS
BA/BS Field Areas
Biological Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Linguistic Anthropology
Internship / Grants / Funding
Internships Available 0
Internship Required 0
Program Details
Certs Offered 0
Online Courses
Online Courses: 1
Online Course Info: UVM’s Online Degree Completion Program, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with a major in Anthropology, allows completion of a B.A.outside the traditional four-year undergraduate model. The fully online program provides 60 credits toward the B.A. in Anthropology paired with a minor in English or Writing, while meeting the five university requirements in Writing and Information Literacy; Sustainability; Diversity Category One (Race and Racism in the U.S.) and Diversity Category Two (The Diversity of Human Experience); and Quantitative Reasoning. Online Summer courses are also offered for undergraduates, graduate students, high school students, and working or retired professionals and citizens.
Club / Honor Society
Anthropology Club: 1
Lambda Alpha Chapter: 0