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The UNT Anthropology BA program is uniquely positioned to address the globalization of Texas, and specifically, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex economy and social structure. In the last few years, faculty with expertise on Mexico, Latin America, Pacific, Africa, Europe, India, U.S., linguistics, product and technology use, migration, political economy, ethnicity and identity, environmental and ecological anthropology, and international health have been added, strengthening our established expertise in corporate structure, applied anthropology, culture change, public health and diversity. Minor in Anthropology - Requires completion of 18 hours in anthropology, including ANTH 1010, one introductory (2000-level) course, and 6 hours from the upper-division level (3000 or 4000). Minor in Ethnic Studies - Requires completion of 18 hours
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Degrees Offered Anthropology BA; Applied Anthropology MS and MA; Dual Master's Degree in Applied Anthropology and Public Health
Highest Degree Offered MA/MS
BA/BS Field Areas
BA/BS Requirements
Students must meet general requirements for the BA degree in the University Core Curriculum. Majors must complete 36 hrs in anthropology to include 15 hrs required (2300, 2700, 3000 level "area studies", 3650 and 4021); 18 hours of electives, 15 of which must be taken from the upper division level (3000/4000); and Philosophy/Geography/History (3 hrs).
MA/MS Field Areas
Applied Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Medical Anthropology
MA/ MS Requirements The Master's of Arts or Science in Applied Anthropology requires satisfactory completion of a minimum of 36 hours of study and research beyond the bachelor's degree. All master's candidates in applied anthropology are required to take 15 core semester credit hours (5010, 5021, 5031, 5041 and 5050); 15 elective hours, 6 of which must be from outside anthropology; and 6 hours of supervised applied thesis hours (5950). The MPH Dual Degree requires a completion of a total of 45 semester credit hours.
MA/MS Specializations Medical Anthropology, Environmental Anthropology, Business Anthropology, Anthropology of Education, and Migration and Border Studies
Internship / Grants / Funding
Internships Available 0
Internship Required 0
Support Opportunities Students have opportunities to apply for teaching assistantships as well as research assistantships with our faculty.
Program Details
Research Facilities Laboratory of Environmental Anthropology, Forensic Anthropology Laboratory, archaeology program, Institute of Applied Sciences, Domestic and International field schools
Library Resources The libraries of the University of North Texas have a combined collection of 3.1 million materials, 1.95 million books and 4,900 journals. The UNT library is an official repository for both U.S. government documents and Texas State documents. The university subscribes to approximately 240 journals directly relevant to the anthropology programs.
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Dual MA/MS-MPH Degree, University of North Texas, School of Public Health, Fort Worth, Texas
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Online Course Info: Online Masters Program
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Anthropology Club: 1
Anthropology Club Info: Anthropology Student Association, Graduate Anthropology Student Association
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