Kimmarie Murphy

Kimmarie A Murphy

Primary Field
Biological Anthropology
Professor of Anthropology, Kenyon College, Department of Anthropology
Knowledge / Expertise
Interest/Specialty Areas Biocultural anthropology, human osteology, paleopathology, diet and nutrition

Trained as a biocultural anthropologist, Professor Murphy is interested in understanding contemporary patterns of health and nutrition as a way of interpreting diet and disease in the past. Her research focuses on human osteology with an emphasis on paleopathology and stable isotope analysis. murphy has also worked with students on the importance of local foods in people’s diets, specifically foods obtained at venues such as local farmers’ markets. Most recently she has begun working in Iceland as a Senior Specialist for the Skagafjordur Church and Settlement Survey (SCASS). SCASS is a multi-year project in Northern Iceland to understand the formation of social stratification and property rights during the Viking Age and after (AD 874-1700).s. 

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Geographic Areas of Expertise International
Sub-Saharan Africa