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Sociology/Anthropology at Lycoming College orients students within the shared history and theory of these two disciplines by providing a solid educational foundation in both Sociology and Anthropology. In addition to completing core courses in both disciplines, students also have the flexibility within their course of study to focus more specifically on coursework pertaining to either sociology or anthropology, as students select one of these disciplines as their concentration. We offer minors in Anthropology, Sociology, and Human Services. Lycoming College has a strong interdisciplinary Archaeology Program in addition to the programs available in the Sociology/Anthropology Department, with a considerable number of double-majors in Archaeology and Anthropology. We offer three cultural area concentrations for our Archaeology majors: Ancient Near East, Classical Mediterranean, and Latin America, along with a minor in Archaeology.
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Degrees Offered Sociology-Anthropology with a concentration in Anthropology; Sociology-Anthropology with a concentration in Sociology; Medical Sociology; Archaeology with a concentration in Ancient Near East; Archaeology with a concentration in Classical Mediterranean; Archaeology with a concentration in Latin America; Anthropology minor; Sociology minor; Human Services minor; Archaeology minor
Highest Degree Offered BA/BS
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The baccalaureate degree (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science) is conferred upon the student who has completed an educational program incorporating the three facets of the liberal arts known as General Education, the major, and electives. Students will complete approximately one-third of their work in each of these areas. The objective of the General Education Program is to ensure that the student achieves breadth in learning through the study of the major dimensions of human inquiry: math and languages, arts and humanities, social and natural sciences. See more:
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Sociology, Medical Sociology
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Internship Info <p>There are several different internship programs available through the school. See more: Of particular note is the Williamsport Internship Summer Experience (WISE) Program. See more: Dr. Betty McCall runs a practicum course regularly with an exceptional network of internships in the local community.</p>
Support Opportunities <p>Lycoming College&#39;s comprehensive financial aid assistance program is based on two key principles: Recognizing outstanding academic accomplishment through a significant scholarship program, and providing a variety of resources to help bridge the gap between family resources and educational costs. See more:</p>
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Research Facilities <p>Archaeology Lab, with new expansion coming soon.</p>
Library Resources The mission of Snowden Library is to support the faculty, students, and staff of Lycoming College by providing a learning environment essential to the liberal arts through instruction, services, and collection access. As the academic crossroads of our residential campus, the library partners with faculty to offer a collaborative instruction program that teaches the formulation of research questions; the information discovery process; effective research skills; the synthesis of diverse information; and the evaluation and responsible use of information. The library provides access to carefully managed print and electronic collections, with appropriate technologies to support their use. Through programming and resources, Snowden Library invites the college community to engage in the ongoing intellectual dialogue that provides the foundation for an informed and productive life. See more:
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March 1 and December 1.
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Anthropology Club: 0
Lambda Alpha Chapter: 0