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Rich Sandoval

Rich A Sandoval

Primary Field
Linguistic Anthropology
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Knowledge / Expertise
Interest/Specialty Areas Linguistic anthropology, sociocultural linguistics, gesture and multimodality, interactional approaches to language documentation, language ideology and history, Arapaho, Spanish-English contact, Ch’orti’, and Classic Mayan.

I am an Assistant Professor of Anthropology for the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Metropolitan State University of Denver. As a linguistic anthropologist and educator, I focus on language and related areas of humanity from a variety of sociocultural perspectives – language as a social resource for identity work, language as a cultural device for calibrating thoughts and actions, language as an emergent product of communicative interactions, and language as history.  

As such, I engage with many sub- and allied fields of linguistic anthropology, including interactional and discourse analysis, gesture and embodiment studies, epigraphy, and cross-cultural communication. I am also heavily engaged in language documentation, revitalization, and reclamation, notably in my work with MSU Denver's Ethnography Lab on the Ch'orti' Project. The project is in collaboration with members of the Ch'orti' (Mayan) communities of Guatemala and Honduras. Some of my other work is focused on documenting and describing the speech-gesture bimodal features that are particular to Arapaho (an Algonquian language of North America's Great Plains). This work is in affiliation with the  Center for the Study of Indigenous Languages of the West and the Northern Arapaho Tribe. 

Additionally, I am a proud Ford Foundation Fellow, dedicated to equity and inclusivity in higher education.

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Geographic Areas of Expertise United States
Geographic Areas of Expertise International
Western Hemisphere