Lisa Mitchell

Primary Field
Cultural Anthropology
Associate Professor
Associate Professor, University of Victoria, Department of Anthropology
Knowledge / Expertise
Interest/Specialty Areas Sociocultural, bodies and embodiment, reproduction, ultrasound imaging, children and youth, visual culture

My work is principally concerned with social and cultural aspects of bodies, especially in the context of health and illness, reproduction, infancy and childhood, and poverty.

My work on reproduction in Canada has addressed sonographers’ and women’s experiences of ultrasound imaging, discourses of risk in pregnancy and childbirth, and women's experiences of pregnancy and pregnancy loss.  I’m particularly interested in understanding how visual imaging technology and social media mediates experiences of reproduction, family, and loss.  

Focussing on children and youth’s perceptions of their bodies and practices of health, I’ve conducted research in the Philippines and in Victoria, B.C.  Working with children and their families in an impoverished and environmentally distressed neighbourhood in the Visayan Philippines, Dr. Marjorie Mitchell and I used drawing and photography among other research methods to understand children's perceptions of their bodies, illness, social relationships, and environment.  In Victoria, my research explored how street-involved youth conceptualise and experience their bodies as they navigate the challenges of poverty, inadequate housing, conflicted family relationships, and street life. The final stage of this project included the formation of a youth social action group, More Than One Street, working collaboratively to build understanding of and resources that speak to the complex circumstances that shape and constrain the lives of youth on the street.   


  • Cultural anthropology
  • Health and Illness
  • Bodies and embodiment
  • Reproduction
  • Infants, children and youth
  • Philippines, Canada
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Geographic Areas of Expertise International
East Asia and the Pacific
Western Hemisphere