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Internships, work study and collections research opportunities are ongoing with the University of Pittsburgh Anthropology and History of Art and Architecture Departments, Duquesne University Public History Department, California University of Pennsylvania and Indiana University of Pennsylvania Anthropology Departments.
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Internship Info A limited number of unpaid internships in museum science, working with anthropological collections, are available throughout the year. Interested parties should inquire to Deborah Harding by email to arrange an interview.
Program Details
Research Facilities The O'Neil Research Center houses all of the Anthropology collections, paper and photo archives, curatorial and staff offices, and research laboratories. The Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt, Polar World: Wyckoff Hall of Arctic Life gallery, Needle to the North gallery, and Alcoa Foundation Hall of American Indians contain significant collections on those subjects, as well.
Collections 161,000 ethnological and historical artifacts with major collections from North and South America, New Guinea, Asia, Central Africa; 1.6 million archaeological artifacts (notably Upper Ohio Valley, Costa Rica, Egypt). Special collections include ancient glass, historic and ethnographic dolls, Chinese oracle bones, and lighting devices.
Publications Carnegie Annals, Bulletins, Special Publications
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