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Anthropology is a field of visionaries, makers and collaborators, taking a critical, creative and holistic approach to the study of humankind. We teach hands-on courses in archaeology and socio-cultural, applied, biological and forensic anthropology, reflecting our faculty members’ research in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Central and Southeast Asia. Through coursework, fieldwork and study-abroad experiences, you’ll gain life-long learning skills that prepare you for success in cross-cultural understanding and communication, working for diverse organizations and tackling complex social issues in today’s global world. Our students are employed in a range of areas such as public health, business, international development, museums and education.
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Degrees Offered Anthropology BA
Highest Degree Offered BA/BS
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  • Meghan Howey
    Primary Contact
    Professor of Anthropology,Visiting Associate Professor
Online Courses
Online Courses: 1
Online Course Info: A few online courses are offered during January Term and Summer.
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