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    • Dietrich Stout
      Dietrich Stout
      Affiliated Title:Associate Professor, Director Graduate Studies, Associate Director Center for Mind, Brain, and Culture
      Other Department Lead
      Email: dwstout@emory.edu
      Area of Expertise: Brain evolution, language evolution, lithic technology, experimental archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, cultural psychology, cognitive neuroscience
      Individual Type: Core Faculty/Staff
    • Debra Spitulnik Vidali
      Debra Spitulnik Vidali
      Affiliated Title:Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Research
      Other Department Lead
      Email: debra.vidali@emory.edu
      Area of Expertise: Experimental ethnography, ethnographic theater/performance, public anthropology, decolonizing theory/practice, civic engagement, discourse theory/analysis, media anthropology, linguistic anthropology,...Read More
      Individual Type: Core Faculty/Staff
    • Bayo Holsey
      Bayo Holsey
      Affiliated Title:Associate Professor, Director Institute of African Studies
      Affiliated Contact
      Email: bayo.holsey@emory.edu
      Area of Expertise: Cultural anthropology, politics of memory, race, transnationalism, public culture, neoliberalism
      Individual Type: Core Faculty/Staff
    • Justin Hosbey
      Justin Hosbey
      Affiliated Title:Assistant Professor
      Affiliated Contact
      Email: hjustin@emory.edu
      Area of Expertise: Sociocultural anthropology, cultural and political economy of racism, anthropology of the state, violence and subjectivity, racial capitalism, anthropology of education, Black studies
      Individual Type: Core Faculty/Staff
    • Bruce Knauft
      Bruce M Knauft
      Affiliated Title:Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
      Affiliated Contact
      Email: bruce.knauft@emory.edu
      Area of Expertise: Sociocultural anthropology, critical theory, power and representation, engaged anthropology, modernity, history, ethnography, sexuality, violence, Tibetan Buddhism
      Individual Type: Core Faculty/Staff
    • Michelle Lampl
      Michelle Lampl
      Affiliated Title:Charles Howard Candler Professor; Director Center for Study of Human Health
      Affiliated Contact
      Email: mlampl@emory.edu
      Area of Expertise: Integrated Health Education & Research; biological-medical anthropology, human growth and development, origins of health, predictive health
      Individual Type: Core Faculty/Staff
    • John Lindo
      John Lindo
      Affiliated Title:Assistant Professor
      Affiliated Contact
      Email: john.lindo@emory.edu
      Area of Expertise: Biological anthropology, ancient DNA, population genetics, demography, domestication, human adaptation, artificial selection
      Individual Type: Core Faculty/Staff
    • Peter Little
      Peter D Little
      Affiliated Title:Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor; Director Global Development Studies Program
      Affiliated Contact
      Email: pdlittl@emory.edu
      Area of Expertise: Economy and culture, development anthropology, environment, political economy, agrarian change, pastoralism
      Individual Type: Core Faculty/Staff
    • David Nugent
      David Nugent
      Affiliated Title:Professor
      Affiliated Contact
      Email: david.nugent@emory.edu
      Area of Expertise: Sociocultural anthropology, theory, politics, inequality, political economy, state formation, development, agrarian society, race, symbolism and power
      Individual Type: Core Faculty/Staff
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