Alison Wylie

Alison Wylie

Primary Field
Canada Research Chair in Philosophy of the Social and Historical Sciences
Professor and Canada Research Chair, University of British Columbia, Department of Anthropology
Knowledge / Expertise
Interest/Specialty Areas Philosophy and history of archaeology; feminist philosophy of science; research ethics

I’m a philosopher of the social and historical sciences, with particular interest in questions raised by archaeological research: How do we know what (we think) we know about the past? In particular, what counts as evidence in archaeological contexts? If values and interests play a role in all aspects of inquiry, in what sense is any knowledge ‘objective’? And, most pressing, how do we make research accountable – in its aims and practice – to the diverse communities it affects?

I publish on strategies of evidential reasoning in archaeology, research ethics, and feminist standpoint theory. Recently I’ve been exploring new lines of inquiry inspired by community-based collaborative partnerships between archaeologists and Indigenous communities.

I am current president of the Philosophy of Science Association, and past-president of the American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division.

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Curriculum Vitae
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