Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier

Primary Field
Cultural Anthropology
Associate Professor and Editor in Chief of Anthropologica
Associate Professor, University of Victoria, Department of Anthropology
Knowledge / Expertise
Interest/Specialty Areas Visual Anthropology, sound studies, creative practices, digital media, infrastructure policy

Accepting Grad Students for Fall 2021.

I am a visual anthropologist interested in how sound –including music –connects with social life, and with media. I explore the concepts of materiality, infrastructures, circulation, digital media, sonic design and the experiencing of social spaces through sound and vision. Through my research, I address questions such as: how can we create spaces of encounter between individuals by using audio-visual montage techniques?; how does sonic design shape our experiences of everyday life?; and how does new media affect the circulation and consumption of music in different cultural contexts and locations?

In order to explore these questions, I adopt a methodological approach that borrows from the art domains to explore the creative potentials of research in social sciences. More specifically, I am a producer-researcher in addition to be a participant observer. That is, my research projects are lead by the production of audio-visual texts such as films, sound clips, drawings, shorter and longer videos, and audio-visual installations, which are part of the research process and which becomes concrete outcomes of the investigation projects.

I am interested in supervising graduate students whose work relates to visual anthropology (film, audio-visual installations), sound studies (including music), creative practices and methodologies, digital media, infrastructure, cultural policies, Cuba, the Caribbean and South America.

Editor-in-Chief of Anthropologica


  • Multimodal Anthropology
  • Sound
  • Creative practices
  • Digital media
  • Infrastructure
  • Cultural policy
  • Caribbean, Cuba
  • Canada
  • Sonoptica
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Geographic Areas of Expertise International
Western Hemisphere