General Description / Special Programs
The Anthropology Program at MSU Denver is committed to enhancing student knowledge and appreciation of human beings as a biological and cultural species. It offers introductory and advanced-level courses in each of the four traditional subfields of anthropology (archaeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology). Majors complete 9 credit hours of practical lab and field-based courses and participate in domestic and international field schools, internships, and community engagement.
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Degrees Offered BA in Anthropology
Highest Degree Offered BA/BS
BA/BS Field Areas
Applied Anthropology
Biological Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Linguistic Anthropology
BA/BS Requirements
There are four required core courses (12 credit hours) covering the four subfields of anthropology plus 9 credit hours of upper-division practical courses and 15 hours of electives, for a total of 36 hours. MSU Denver requires 120 credit hours for graduation.
Experience Offered
Internship / Grants / Funding
Internships Available 1
Internship Required 0
Internship Info Internship for academic credit for up to 6 credit hours.
Program Details
Research Facilities Archaeology and Biological Anthropology Lab, Human Identification Lab (HIL), Ethnography Lab, The ROWDY Scholar student research journal
Library Resources eHRAF Collection of Ethnography Auraria Library Anthropology Research Guide
Certs Offered 0
Online Courses
Online Courses: 1
Online Course Info: We offer online and on-campus courses in all four sub-fields and applied anthropology, including specialty courses on topics and geographical areas of faculty research and expertise.
Club / Honor Society
Anthropology Club: 1
Anthropology Club Info: ALPACA (Archaeology Linguistics Physical (Biological) Applied Cultural Anthropology); award-winning undergraduate student organization bringing together students studying all branches of anthropology.
Anthropology Club Advisor: Christine Pink
Lambda Alpha Chapter: 0