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A non-profit institute for research in the fields of visual anthropology, kinship, ritual which includes a visual anthropology laboratory for research and editing of visual ethnography. Visual projects are intermittently announced and students of visual anthropology in academic institutions can apply as interns. No subsidy is provided.
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Political analysis of Middle East World Affairs
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Publications Visual Anthropology by Fadwa El Guindi. Visual Series 1 Egyptian Celebration of Life: El Sebou': Egyptian Birth Ritual (16mm), El Moulid: Egyptian Religious Festival (16mm); Series 2 Egyptian Ceremonial Crafts: Ghurbal (16mm); Visual Series 3 (video): Al-Jaliya (Arab America); Print: Visual Anthropology: Essential Method and Theory by Altamira Press, Visual Anthropology, chapter in Handbook of Methods in Cultural Anthropology. Most recently: Tales of Ethnographic Encounter, Kindle Edition 3, 2017- (3rd edition).
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  • Fadwa El Guindi
    Primary Contact
    Retiree Professor, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); Former Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Department Head at Qatar University
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