New York University, Department of Anthropology
25 Waverly Place First Floor New York NY UNITED STATES
Phone+1 212.998.8550
General Description / Special Programs

Top-ranked four-field program. The biological anthropology program is part of a wider graduate training consortium in evolutionary primatology (NYCEP) that includes CUNY, Columbia University, Wildlife Conservation International, and the American Museum of Natural History. The consortium allows students to take courses, seminars, and internships at any of these institutions given by more than 50 physical anthropologists and primatologists participating in the program. There is a Master's Program in Physical Anthropology with a focus on human skeletal biology. This program prepares graduates to apply the study of physical anthropology to a variety of academic and professional contexts, including those in forensic sciences. The department works closely with such NYU programs as Africana Studies; American Studies; Asian/Pacific/America

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Degrees Offered Anthropology PhD, MA, MPhil, BA major
Highest Degree Offered PhD
Certificate Info The department offers a Certificate Program in Culture and Media in conjunction with the NYU Department of Cinema Studies and the NYU Film School. This certificate is taken as part of the MA-PhD program. Another certificate program is offered with Museum Studies.
Certificate Field Areas
Museum Studies
BA/BS Field Areas
Biological Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Linguistic Anthropology
BA/BS Requirements
A major consists of 36 points (nine courses). Courses may be selected from any of the four sub-fields of anthropology: Archaeological Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology and Linguistic Anthropology
MA/MS Field Areas
Biological Anthropology
Forensic Anthropology
Experience Offered
MA/ MS Requirements Nine graduate courses (including core course program), one written MA paper
MA/MS Specializations Human Skeletal Biology
PhD Field Areas
Biological Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Linguistic Anthropology
Phd Requirements Eighteen graduate courses (nine post-MA), three written comprehensive exams, oral research proposal exam, dissertation research, thesis, oral defense
Phd Specializations Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Culture and Media, Linguistic Anthropology
Internship / Grants / Funding
Internships Available 1
Internship Required 0
Internship Info

Internship opportunities in genetics, osteology and odontology, and field recovery training are an integral part of the program.

Support Opportunities

The department admits approximately 10 PhD students per year with five years of support including full tuition and stipend with an average of 50 students funded in any year. Teaching assistant positions are available for all PhD students. The Goodman Fellowship for Archaeology, the Bert Salwen Fellowship in Archaeological Studies, and the Annette B. Weiner Graduate Fellowship in Cultural Anthropology are awarded annually. Summer support for language study and/or exploratory research is available on a competitive basis from various university and academic centers. Dissertation write-up support for advanced students is also available.

Program Details
Research Facilities

The department houses an extensive film and video collection, as well as digital photographic, audio, and video-editing facilities. The Biological Anthropology program supports state-of-the art molecular, primatological, paleontological, and morphometric laboratories and field sites. The teaching and research labs for Archaeology include excellent facilities for image analysis, seasonality studies, and microscopic analysis, as well as an extensive zooarchaeological reference collection. The New York City location makes it possible to maintain active ties with many collections, museums, and research institutions.

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Certs Offered 1
The Inter-University Doctoral Consortium allows PhD students to take courses at a variety of New York area institutions.
Online Courses
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Club / Honor Society
Anthropology Club: 1
Anthropology Club Info: Graduate students are invited to join AGSA (Anthropology Graduate Student Association); Undergraduate students are invited to join the Anthropology Undergraduate Student Association (AUSA).
Lambda Alpha Chapter: 0