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The Center for American Archeology (CAA) is an independent not-for-profit research institution committed to archaeological discovery, educational outreach and cultural stewardship. The CAA engages in basic research, cultural resource management, educational programming for both the general public and academic student, and outreach activities that include professional conferences, exhibits, lectures and publications.
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Internship Info <p>Internships: May be available in archaeological field and lab methods, museum science and education.</p>
Support Opportunities <p>Scholarships: May be available for summer archaeological field school.</p>
Program Details
Research Facilities <p>Facilities for Visiting Scholars: Limited seasonal space may be available for office and housing while using the CAA archaeological research collections; arrangements must be made individually.</p>
Collections The CAA includes a permanent research and teaching campus of classrooms, dorms, laboratories, library, museum and artifact repository. Archaeological collections represent more than 50 years of continuous research in a 3000-square-mile area of west-central Illinois, including major excavations and controlled surface collections from more than 3700 sites. In addition to an estimated 11 million archaeological and ecofactual specimens and more than one-half million supporting documents, photographs and maps, the Center maintains major comparative collections for archaeological botany, zoology and human osteology.
Library Resources The CAA library contains approximately 25,000 volumes, including rare complete sets of many basic serial publications. The holdings emphasis is on eastern US archaeology, but other archaeology and anthropology subjects (and related disciplines) are also represented.
Publications <p>CAA publications include: Kampsville Studies in Archaeology and History, which discuss small scale projects of regional interest; Research Series, which report on more extensive excavations; Kampsville Seminars in Archaeology, which present the results of topical seminars held in Kampsville; and Scientific Papers, which include comprehensive syntheses of wide interest.</p>
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The University Archeological Field School, currently sponsored by Arizona State University, is offered annually at the Center for American Archeology.
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