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Including housing and board (19-meal plan) $35,591 by semester $71,182 by academic year
Degrees Offered Anthropology BA major
Highest Degree Offered BA/BS
BA/BS Field Areas
BA/BS Requirements
The Major in anthropology consists of ten courses. Four core courses: Anthropology 1101, 1103, 2010, and 2030 and six electives: one elective must be an advanced course (numbered 3000-3999). Only one elective below the intermediate level (numbered 1000-1999) can be counted. Eight of the ten courses required for the major must be Bowdoin anthropology courses. Up to two of the ten required courses, with department approval, may be taken from off-campus study; Bowdoin sociology courses; and/or, with approval by the department chair, other Bowdoin courses in related fields that contribute to the student's specific interests. The Minor in anthropology consists of five courses: Anthropology 1101 or 1103, and four electives. Three courses must be at the intermediate level (numbered 2000-2969) or advanced level (numbered 3000-3999). One of the five courses, with department approval, may be from off-campus study. Only two 1000 level courses (numbered 1000-1999) may be counted.
Internship / Grants / Funding
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Internship Required 0
Grants Or Funding The Department of Anthropology has two grant programs for Bowdoin students who plan to pursue a research project, attend an academic conference, or participate in a field school program. The purpose of these grants is to provide funding for educational experiences outside the traditional classroom environment. The Sociology and Anthropology Enrichment Grants are intended to cover small projects ($50-$500) that take place during a semester, or during the winter or spring break, and are open to any student taking a course in the department. The Riley Research Awards ($450 stipend for 4-8 weeks up to a total of $3,600) are intended for major projects occurring over the summer and are only available to declared majors and minors.
Program Details
Research Facilities The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum and Arctic Studies Center, which houses northern ethnographic, archaeological and photographic collections, as well as an archaeological laboratory, is used by students involved in the Arctic Studies Program.
Library Resources Bowdoin College library staff, services, and information resources advance the pursuit of knowledge and self-enrichment by providing access to the world of information and ideas. In support of that mission, the library serves as an intellectual and cultural gathering place that fosters and enhances learning, education, research, and personal fulfillment.
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