The 2023-2024 AnthroGuide is the last print version. Edits for graduate programs are due July 31, 2023.

University of Arizona, School of Anthropology
PO Box 210030 1009 E South Campus Dr Tucson AZ 85721-0030 UNITED STATES
Phone+1 520.621.6298
General Description / Special Programs

Several Archaeological Field Schools; MA in anthropology with specialization in applied archaeology; PhD concentrations in medical anthropology, applied anthropology, Southwest land & society, archaeology of the Mediterranean world, anthropology of history and social memory, and ecological and environmental anthropology; Joint PhD program in Anthropology and Linguistics; Dual PhD degree in Middle East and North African Studies and Anthropology. 

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Tuition Info
Degrees Offered Anthropology PhD, MA, BA, BS
Highest Degree Offered PhD
BA/BS Field Areas
Biological Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Linguistic Anthropology
BA/BS Requirements
The Anthropology BA Majors require 33 units and the BS Majors require a minimum of 36 units in Anthropology, 21 of which must be upper division courses (300-499 inclusive). At least one of the upper division courses must satisfy the Writing Emphasis course requirement. The Anthropology BS Major combines a common core of courses with specialization in either Archaeological Sciences or Human Biology.
MA/MS Field Areas
Biological Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Linguistic Anthropology
MA/ MS Requirements 33 units course work, thesis or research paper required
PhD Field Areas
Biological Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Linguistic Anthropology
Phd Requirements Minimum of 48 units course work and 18 of dissertation, 1 language, statistics, written and oral comprehensive exam; fieldwork required in most cases; and final examination (defense) of dissertation.
Internship / Grants / Funding
Internships Available 0
Internship Required 0
Support Opportunities

Graduate Assistants have a salary of $32,200 while Graduate Associates have a salary of $34,200 - $34,300 per year. The stipend a student receives is based on FTE per semester. Fellowship and scholarships are available and the amount varies; Haury and Dixon Fellowships, amount varies; many other fellowships and scholarships available

Program Details
Research Facilities

Arizona State Museum with archives, library, archaeological, ethnological, human osteological and zooarchaeological collections; Traditional Technology Lab; Southwest Archaeology Lab; Imaging Lab; Paleolithic Lab; Diebold Linguistic Anthropology Lab; Mesoamerican Lab; Arizona Canine Cognitive Center; Lab of Evolutionary Biomechanics; Evolutionary Endocrinology of Primates Lab; Archaeology Mapping Lab; Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology; Center for Applied Spatial Analysis; Center for Latin American Studies; Center for Middle Eastern Studies; Dept of Geosciences Research Labs; AMS Radiocarbon Lab; Lab of Tree-Ring Research; Office of Arid Lands Studies; Western Archaeological and Conservation Center/National Park Service; Dept of Linguistics with special program in American Indian languages.

Library Resources;

Monograph series, Anthropological Papers of the University of Arizona, published by the University of Arizona Press., School of Anthropology. Results of research published in the Arizona State Museum Archaeological Series, and in book form by the University of Arizona Press. Shorter research papers published by the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society (an affiliate of the Arizona State Museum) in its journal, Kiva (James Snead, Editor). Student publication, Arizona Anthropologist, which is graduate student peer-reviewed.

Misc Information For further information write to Academic Advisor, School of Anthropology, PO Box 210030, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721-0030;; or (520) 621-2585; fax (520) 621-2088
Certs Offered 0
Online Courses
Online Courses: 1
Online Course Info:

ANTH 150B1 - Many Ways of Being Human; ANTH 160A1 - Patterns in Prehistory; ANTH 170C1 - Human Variation in the Modern World;ANTH 276 - The Nature of Language; ANTH 303 - Gender and Language; ANTH 310 - Culture and the Individual; ANTH 315 - World Ethnography; ANTH 307 - Ecological Anthropology; ANTH 334A - Mesoamerican Archaeology, Ancient Maya Society; ANTH 346 - Clovis to Coronado; ANTH 347 - Native Peoples of the Southwest; ANTH 383 - Varieties of English; ANTH 395B - Anthropology of Food; ANTH 424A - Political Ecology; ANTH 438A - Women's Health in a Global Perspective

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Club / Honor Society
Anthropology Club: 1
Anthropology Club Info: Anthropology Graduate Students of the University of Arizona (AGUA). Undergraduate Anthropology Club (UAC)
Lambda Alpha Chapter: 0