Kisha Supernant

Dr. Kisha Supernant

Director, Institute of Prairie and Indigenous Archaeology
Associate Professor, University of Alberta, Department of Anthropology
Knowledge / Expertise
Interest/Specialty Areas Indigenous cultures of Northwest Coast, Métis archaeology, Indigenous archaeology, collaborative archaeology, identiy formation, landscape and culture, GIS, mapping, historical archaeology

Dr. Kisha Supernant is Metis and an Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Alberta. She is the Director of the Institute of Prairie Archaeology and a leading expert on Indigenous archaeology and geospatial analysis. An award-winning teacher, researcher, and writer, her research explores Indigenous histories, cultural identities, landscapes, remote sensing, spatial analysis, Metis archaeology, and heart-centered archaeological practice. Her research with Indigenous communities in western Canada explores how archaeologists and communities can build collaborative research relationships. She leads of the Exploring Metis Identity Through Archaeology (EMITA), a collaborative research project which takes a relational approach to exploring the material past of Metis communities, including her own family, in western Canada. She is currently a co-director of a new interdisciplinary research project on Metis kinscapes of Lac Ste Anne, Alberta with a team of Indigenous scholars and a co-investigator on Cartographies of Deep Time, a recently funded SSHRC Insight Grant project that explores the complexities of history and different ways of knowing with Tsimshian communities in British Columbia. Recently, she has been increasingly engaged in using remote sensing technologies to located and protect unmarked burials at the request of First Nations communities in Alberta and Saskatchewan. She has published in local and international journals on GIS in archaeology, collaborative archaeological practice, Metis archaeology, and Indigenous archaeology in the post-TRC era. She has two edited volumes coming out in 2020: Archaeologies of the Heart, edited by Kisha Supernant, Jane E. Baxter, Natasha Lyons, and Sonya Atalay with Springer Press and Blurring Timescapes, Subverting Erasure: Remembering Ghosts on the Margins of History, edited by Sarah Surface-Evans, A.E. Garrison, and Kisha Supernant, with Berghahn Books.

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Geographic Areas of Expertise United States
Pacific Northwest
Geographic Areas of Expertise International
Western Hemisphere
United States of America