The 2023-2024 AnthroGuide is the last print version. Edits for graduate programs are due July 31, 2023.

Dr. Ivan Small

Primary Field
Cultural Anthropology
Associate Professor, University of Houston, Department of Comparative Cultural Studies
Knowledge / Expertise
Interest/Specialty Areas Dr. Small’s research considers mobility, circulation and capital transformations in a trans-Pacific context, with a focus on Southeast Asia and the United States. He has been particularly engaged with Vietnam as a site of personal and academic research since the mid 1990s. Dr. Small is author of Currencies of Imagination: Channeling Money and Chasing Mobility in Vietnam (Cornell 2019), which examines the changing social, spatial and material dimensions of remittances between the U.S. and Vietnam since 1975, drawing on fieldwork in San Jose and Orange County California, and Saigon and Quy Nhon Vietnam. He is also co-editor (with Bill Maurer and Smoki Musaraj) of Money at the Margins: Global Perspectives on Technology, Financial Inclusion & Design (Berghahn 2018), featuring comparative ethnographic work on digital money and financial inclusion initiatives across the Global South, from Kenya to the Philippines.

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