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Have you ever wondered about humanity and how we fit within our environment? Then anthropology might just be the program for you. It's the study of all facets of the human condition. Examine the past, present, and applied future, and learn about us as a species, and how we fit within our environment biologically and socially. Anthropology is ever expanding and constantly yielding new, interesting information. Anthropology Our brand new facilities are equipped with new technologies and impressive collections of casts, specimens, and artifacts, placing our students ahead of the curve after transfer, graduation, and in employment. In anthropology, you will learn how everything we do as a species can be considered from an anthropological perspective. Whether you want to complete an associate degree, introductory courses for universi
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Highest Degree Offered AA/AS
Certificate Info Certificate of Performance in Archaeology Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an archaeologist? Or wondered what working archaeologists actually do? Our Certificate of Performance in Archaeology is designed to teach and train those looking to pursue an education and career in the field. Cultural Resource Management (CRM) is the primary way archaeologists make a living by working in the preservation and management of cultural heritage sites and assemblages all over the world. We prepare students for the reality of employment in North American archaeological fieldwork. We connect students with local CRM firms, professional archaeologists, and volunteer and hiring opportunities. We pride ourselves on our reputation among these firms -- many of our students have been hired straight out of our classes for field technician positions and paid internships. We offers hands-on training in cataloging, site survey, site layout, mapping, and excavation on an active archaeological site with the county of San Diego. Students partake in research about the historical and pre-historical context of the site, use typology and seriation methods, and learn how to implement practical analysis into narratives, which are the foundation of archaeological report writing. This program has been used for over twenty years by students looking to gain experience for graduate school or practical work experience in Cultural Resource Management. Our students are diverse in age, background, and goals and we are proud to boast tremendous success in all student demographics. In addition, alumni and current archaeologist benefactors have donated generously to our program, including scholarships solely for those completing the Certificate of Performance in Archaeology at San Diego City College. This program is completed in just five classes--the shortest of its kind, and one of only two similar programs offered in the San Diego area. At less than a fifth of the cost of most excavation programs, our courses are an affordable way to see if archaeology is for you, and comes with the support of our instructors and staff, who are personally dedicated to your success.
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ANTH 102 Introduction to Physical Anthropology ANTH 103 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology ANTH 107 Introduction to Archaeology PSYC 258 Behavioral Science Statistics or MATH 119 Elementary Statistics 2 Electives, transferable, lower division
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Online Course Info: ANTH 102: Introduction to Physical Anthropology ANTH 103: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
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Anthropology Club Advisor: Dr. Tim Gross
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