The 2023-2024 AnthroGuide is the last print version. Edits for graduate programs are due July 31, 2023.

General Description / Special Programs
Both the anthropology and sociology curricula stress research methods used in social sciences, including participant observation, survey, and evaluation research training. They are geared to providing a background suitable for careers in nonacademic settings as well as a basis for further graduate work. Anthropology majors can pursue a general, four-field program of study or concentrate in either sociocultural or archaeological anthropology. The masters program in sociology focuses on Applied Social Research and is organized around core skills students need to pursue research careers in human or social service settings.
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Tuition Info
Graduate tuition is $1500 per credit hour
Degrees Offered Sociology MA, Anthropology BA, Sociology BA, Sociology and Anthropology BA
Highest Degree Offered MA/MS
BA/BS Field Areas
Applied Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Linguistic Anthropology
BA/BS Requirements
Completion of 121 credit hours with 40 hours in anthropology, sociology, or anthropology and sociology.
Experience Offered
MA/ MS Requirements For MA in Sociology 30 units course work; core courses in social theory, applied social theory, statistics, research methods, a research practicum or internship, and 3 electives. All students must take and pass a comprehensive exam. Students choose whether to write a thesis or to take an additional 6 credits of elective courses. A thesis is recommended for those who plan on pursuing the PhD.
Internship / Grants / Funding
Internships Available 1
Internship Required 0
Internship Info - see our web site for further information.
Support Opportunities For undergraduate Sociology, Anthropology, or Sociology and Anthropology majors: The department will fund up to $1000 for field research. Awards are limited per semester and require submission of an application. Students may also apply to the College of Arts and Sciences or Strohl undergraduate research grants. For graduate Sociology MA students: 4 teaching assistantships with 9 credit/semester tuition remission and a $21,630 per year stipend; Community Fellows program; Dean's Select Scholarship. The department will fund up to $600 per MA student per academic year for conference travel and will fund up to $1000 for field research. Awards are limited per semester and require submission of an application. MA students may also apply to the College of Arts and Sciences or Graduate Student Senate for conference and/or research grants.
Program Details
Research Facilities The many ethnic enclaves and historic settlements in the Bethlehem area a provide rich sources of fieldwork experience.
Library Resources Lehigh's two libraries house a collection of more than 1.1 million volumes. There is also ready access to libraries in the Philadelphia area.
Certs Offered 0
  • David Casagrande
    Primary Contact
    Associate Professor of Anthropology and Environmental Initiative and Department Chair
Online Courses
Online Courses: 1
Online Course Info: Online courses are offered in the summer.
Application Deadlines
MA - Jan. 1 for financial consideration
Club / Honor Society
Anthropology Club: 0
Lambda Alpha Chapter: 0