Highest Degree Offered AA/AS
AA/AS Field Areas
Biological Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Linguistic Anthropology
AA/AS Requirements
AA-T (Transfer AA) requirements: Anthro 101: Human Biological Evolution Anthro 102: Human Ways of Life: Cultural Anthropology Anthro 103: Archaeology: Reconstructing the Human Past Anthro 104: Human Language and Communication Anthro 111: Laboratory in Human Biological Evolution Anthro 121: Anthropology of Religion, Magic and Witchcraft Math 227: Statistics OR Stats 101: Statistics for the Social Sciences
Internship / Grants / Funding
Internships Available 0
Internship Required 0
Program Details
Certs Offered 0
Online Courses
Online Courses: 1
Online Course Info: <p>Anthro 101: Human Biological Evolution; Anthro 102: Cultural Anthropology; Anthro 103: Archaeology; Anthro 104: Human Language and Communication; Anthro 121: Anthropology of Religion</p>
Club / Honor Society
Anthropology Club: 0
Lambda Alpha Chapter: 0