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CMRAE is an interinstitutional consortium with headquarters at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, created to promote research and teaching in materials analysis of cultural artifacts. Instruction: Teaching progs include grad level and undergrad lecture/lab courses in ancient materials and technologies. The particular kind of materials considered in the regular graduate courses changes annually. The Center for Archaeological Materials (CAM) is the MIT component of CMRAE.
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Research Facilities CMRAE member institutions house a network of shared facilities for materials research and data processing in several fields, including labs in art conservation, ceramics, lithics, materials characterization, metallurgy, paleoethnobotany, paleoenvironments, palynology, zooarchaeology, and remote sensing. The center's primary facility is the CAM Graduate Lab, located at MIT, designed for lab instruction and student projs as well as research. In addition to a large number of polarizing, metallographic and biological microscopes, the lab is equipped for photography, and specimen preparations, including thin sections. Comparative collections to provide standards for identification and analysis of archaeological remains are being developed. Facilities for Visiting Scholars: Study space is available; access to collections and instrumentation require advance arrangement; opportunities for graduate and postdoctoral research supervised by CMRAE staff.
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Member institutions are: Boston University, Brandeis University, Harvard University, University of Massachusetts at Boston and Amherst, MIT, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Tufts University, Wellesley College. Researchers and teachers are drawn from all eight institutions; only staff with formal MIT appointments in CAM are listed below
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