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Dr. Anthony F Martin

Primary Field
Lecturer, Central Connecticut State University, Department of Anthropology
Knowledge / Expertise
Interest/Specialty Areas African American and African Diaspora archaeology, Historical archaeology, material culture (toys), gender, American Revolution and early Republic, African-American military history

Anthony F. Martin is a retired army officer who earned his Ph.D. in anthropology with a subfield in archaeology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 2017. Within the subfield of archaeology, I am a historical archaeologist that focuses on how capitalism and colonialism have influenced the Post-Columbian world.  This is mainly done by studying African diaspora archaeology in the northeastern United States.  Additionally, I have worked on archaeological excavations in Senegal and Ghana.  My dissertation research included analyzing 19th and early 20th century African American sites in Massachusetts for racialization, consumerism, gender, and identity.  This research takes as its entry point the materiality of African American lives as manifested in archaeological assemblages and their material spatial relations. Studying the material culture from homeplaces that have been the focus of archaeological investigation provides insights into women's lives, the transition from African to African American identities, and the power relations involved in consumerism.

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Geographic Areas of Expertise United States
Geographic Areas of Expertise International
Western Hemisphere