Boston University, Department of Archaeology
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General Description / Special Programs

Archaeology is the study of the human past from prehistory to recent times, primarily through the study of the material remains of past societies.  By its nature, archaeology is an interdisciplinary study and archaeologists explore the past from a variety of perspectives, drawing upon a wide array of disciplines from classics to anthropology, art history, history, and the physical sciences, to advance the study of past cultures around the world.  This interdisciplinary perspective, together with distinctive archaeological methods and theories, enriches our teaching and research in the classroom, the laboratory, and the field.

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Degrees Offered Archaeology BA, BA/MA, MA,
Highest Degree Offered MA
BA/BS Field Areas
BA/BS Requirements
Undergraduate major in archaeology requires study in a broad set of disciplines. Refer to
MA/MS Field Areas
Experience Offered
Field Work
MA/ MS Requirements Eight courses (32 credits); thesis; proficiency in a foreign language; written examinations; Refer to
Other Degree Field Areas
We offer a great opportunity for undergraduate students to stay with us for an additional year to receive the Master of Archaeology Degree. The joint BA/MA in Archaeology is open only to students who have declared a major in archaeology. Students may apply as early as the 4th semester of academic year. Please visit our site for additional details.
Internship / Grants / Funding
Internships Available 1
Internship Required 0
Internship Info

Boston University has many internship opportunities. The university location being in Boston offers a great opportunity for internships in our robust city.

Program Details
Research Facilities

Teaching/research laboratories, image library, student lounge/kitchen, reference collection of artifacts and specimens; Instructional/research equipment; GIS, geophysical prospecting equipment; Gabel Museum. Visit out website for detailed information.

Library Resources Boston University has many robust libraries, such as Stone Science Library in our building dedicated to Archaeology, Remote Sensing, Geology, and Earth and Environment.

Journal of Field Archaeology (international) and Ethnobiology Letters

Center for Remote Sensing, Archaeological Institute of America, Consortium with Harvard, MIT, Brandeis, U of Massachusetts, Tufts, Wellesley, MFA, American Schools of Oriental Research, University of Naples, Italy
Online Courses
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Application Deadlines
January 5
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Anthropology Club: 1
Anthropology Club Info: ARCHAEOLOGY Society
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